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An easy-to-use brush with a professional result.

A SEPHORA COLLECTION brush with a beveled shape that intuitively follows the contours of the face for a precise and homogeneous application. It is ideal for sculpting or digging cheekbones and is used with all types of powder and cream blush.

How to use it?
Thanks to its beveled shape, this brush is ideal for structuring the contours of the face with a simple gesture. It allows intuitive application of all textures of powder and cream blush.

This brush isVegan: its bristles are made from synthetic fibers.

This brush and its case have been developed in a responsible approach:
- The paper of the case and the wood of the handle come from sustainably managed forests.
- The ink on the case is of vegetable origin.

* bristles made from synthetic fibers GOOD FOR A BETTER PLANET*
eco-designed packaging and/or responsible sourcing of ingredients GOOD FOR VEGAN**Products without ingredients

of animal

origin*Good gestures to take better care of the planet
Good for vegans

1. Take the blush or sun powder with the brush.
2. Apply by directing the tip of the brush to the outside of the face:
- For a sculpting effect, use a sun powder instead by applying it under the jawbone, the top of the temples and on the cheeks (under the bone).
- For a good glow effect, use a pink blush instead by applying it on the top of the cheeks by blurring it to the temples.

Clean the brush thoroughly with the brush cleaner after use, then let it dry horizontally to preserve each side.

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