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LÄRANDE Desk with pull-out storage unit, white, 120x58 cm

LÄRANDE Desk with pull-out storage unit, white, 120x58 cm

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Both the desk and the pull-out storage are sturdy enough to hold heavy books and other things that usually end up on and around the desk.

The pull-out storage has 3 levels with shelves that have plenty of space for books, A4 binders or anything else that needs to be hidden away.

The height of the desk is 74 cm, which is the most suitable according to ergonomic research. If you need to adjust the child's sitting position, you can raise or lower the desk chair.

A desk surface must withstand a lot. That’s why the lacquered surface is extra durable.

The desk’s surface is large enough to fit accessories from the ÖVNING and MÖJLIGHET series (sold separately) and a screen.

The pull-out storage includes a handle that you attach without drilling. You can change it to another handle or knob in the SMÅSTAD series in order to match the rest of the room, sold separately.

All corners are softly rounded so that both you and your child avoid sharp edges.

You can mount the pull-out storage on the right or left side of the desk.

If your child wants to put up to-do lists or pictures by the desk, you can complete with the matching SKÅDIS pegboard – easy to fix to the desk by using SKÅDIS connector or directly to the wall. Sold separately.

There is a metal rail on the short side of the desk where you can hang things you want close at hand by using LÄTTHET hook and clip (2 pack), sold separately.

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